Halbrecht Foodgarden

Halbrecht Food garden was established in 2014 on a 25-year-old family-owned clementine orchard, of about 9 acres.
The initiative to found the farm was born out of a desire to utilize the family resources and to make
the land viable in accordance with its agricultural purpose. Our vision is to expose and educate
children and adults about the food we eat, about healthy and fresh nutrition, energy-saving and
environmental protection. We want to encourage the community to grow vegetables using natural
methods in their home garden or balcony.

mid week

Day 2 Day

We invite you to a family experience in nature. The kids can have fun in the sandbox, feed the animals, and enjoy the creative activity and you will find a quiet spot on the hammock and enjoy the quiet around.
In July and August, the cost of admission is 35 NIS per child and 15 NIS per adult. You can do your own picking of our garden produce at NIS 35 for a bag.

In addition, we offer an amazing picnic tray – so come on, find a shaded corner and enjoy all the good of the garden and local produce in the area.


Experiential activities for the entire family

During our activities days, we open our doors to families for a "Farm to table" experience. In these days, the children will dye clay and plant seedlings, pick from the citrus trees and squeeze juices, tour the garden and our beehives to hear about the importance of bees, enjoy a sandbox and other changing and seasonal workshops.


Workshops and experiences for groups and organizations

In the farm garden, we have created a welcoming rural space where you can hold a wide range of experiential workshops, lectures, and cooking workshops and training from the best chefs and nutritionists in Israel. You can only stop on the road or alternatively come for a full day of nature experience. Together we will build a concept for a unique day tailored to the needs of the group.

Local produce

Our garden shop

People who visit us always want to take something home with them. So we collected a variety of products from producers and farmers from Hefer Valley and the surrounding area because it is important for us to encourage local consumption. Welcome to take a look at our collection of gift baskets and products.

Grow it

Cactus and Succulents Nursery

Our nursery specializes in succulents and cacti. You can find a wide variety of plants in all sizes, as well as houseplants, organic vegetable seedlings, and spices. We will be happy to give you advice and guidance.

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